For the last few months we have been concerned and praying for you all as you weather the effects and trauma of Covid-19, but now our hearts weep for the situation in America. To watch the anger, pain and injustice is simply horrible. Please know as we deal with our own crisis, yours are not far from our minds and hearts. For both we cry out to our Father for peace, wisdom and justice and mercy to rule.

Here in Namibia we are well. Strange times and still no one knows what will happen in the coming months or even years. There is a general feeling that ‘Africa has been spared’ which we are not sure of, but we can report herein Namibia the government has been proactive and wise. Unfortunately the case numbers of our neighbor, South Africa, are rising rapidly. Namibia’s airport was scheduled to open in July, with flights resuming, but if cases come across the border then things may stay shut.

We as a family are well. We were able to drive 4 hours south to a place called Sesriem where we camped in the quiet desert, watched the stars and climbed some massive dunes. It was 2 nights of beautiful quiet. Things are mostly open in this country, with use of masks and distancing.

We have sailed on this sea of uncertainty and fear over the last few months and as we have been able to return to some of our traditional roles and responsibilities I have been pleading with God to give me new wisdom and direction for our ministry here in Namibia (and Angola…AfriGO…possibly Botswana…). And over the last few days He has been very clear to me that I (we) must shine. Whatever light we can muster from our weak and possibly damaged faith, we need to let it out, speak to others, write, give, act and be all that Jesus is. This was such a relief to me as I have found myself emotionally drained, at times worried and so consumed by the troubles and challenges both near and far, I have been empty. And God knows….so He has relieved me and told me to shine—and relax. Trust. Obey. Rest in the overwhelming fact He is still God. – Kevin

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