What We Do

Well, things have changed! As of July, 2021, we’ve been reassigned to Rift Valley Academy in Kenya for one year. Kevin will work full-time for the school in various capacities, and Cami will handle the day-to-day Unit Leader responsibilities as well as continue with AfriGO. Of course, this means a country move and a very different atmosphere for the coming year. We are thankful we can accompany our youngest as he starts this new stage.

#1 Job – Unit Leaders for Namibia.  We take care of our personnel here – that’s it.  But involved in that is pastoral care, crisis management, administrative and finance work, liasing with government and local leaders, scoping out new areas for ministry, and deciding if old ones should be closed.   We have a very small team here, each of whom has a passion to see God work in people’s lives, and communities strengthened.  Kevin has traveled all over this beautiful country to see what is needed and connect with local pastors and leaders to partner.  

#2 is Cami’s job with AfriGO magazine.  She has come alongside that publication to help with gathering stories, organizing, connecting people, helping build a new website, and lots of other small jobs to push it forward.  AfriGO was specially designed by SIM to encourage and inform the African Church toward missions, and AIM joined in that endeavor this year.  This work is making use of her talents and passions in a whole new way, and she is loving it!  The African Church has a powerful role to play to bringing the Good News to the World and the magazine is designed to help wake up this sleeping giant.

And we do some

Other Things

Kevin began working with the PEACE plan in 2019, which has had great success in Rwanda in helping churches to mature, and has had an effect on lowering poverty levels.  Kevin is part of the steering committee and assists the trainers who are visiting Namibia regularly to prepare pastors to implement these programs in their churches.  Our goal:  mature churches who are involved in supporting and transforming their communities, and who send out volunteers and missionaries to promote the gospel.

Cami has traveled twice to Angola to survey possibilities of sending AIM missionaries, and there is recruitment in the works.  We hope to see AIM personnel supporting some existing ministries there, and we have been involved in promoting the needs.

Cami joined the AIM Child Safety Team this year and will periodically travel to help investigate situations that are of concern.

Additionally, we promote programs in our local church and assist where we can. We meet with potential Namibian missionaries and encourage mobilization efforts.  There is so much potential in the Namibian churches and it is our dream to see some of that potential realized!

And sometimes, Mozambique Support.  Kevin is still in touch with the team he put in place in Northern Mozambique to encourage them in the Theological Education by Extension team 

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