God Gave Kittens

Ok, what? Kittens? Yup. Back at the beginning of lockdown, I looked in the face of my older teenager who had just had all his dear friends, and senior trips, ripped away from him, and my younger teen who was quietly fearful about the growing covid-19 threat, and felt my own pounding heart as we contemplated the unknowns here in Africa, and I thought “what we need here is some kittens.” Sweet little balls of fur that required nothing but cuddles and pets and dangling strings to make them cavort around. So I asked God for some kittens, and the next day two little terrified puffballs arrived for us to foster. Toby kept them in his warm bed at night, and spent patient hours sitting with them in the day. They, and the succeeding foster kittens, entertained us for hours and brought a lot of comic relief. People have told us we are somehow courageous for fostering kittens and giving them up to the folks who have come, one by one, to adopt a total of 7 little visitors by now. That’s silly. They’ve helped us to cope a bit better during these times. Do you feel the weight of these times? I do. I’ve broken down weeping as I watch the lives and jobs lost, the dreams crushed, the hatred thrown in all directions. The uncertainty weighs heavy. So, we thank God for the purring kitten rubbing against our noses, intent only on receiving our affection. Thanks, God.

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