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  • Welcome to our World
    If you’re coming over here because you clicked from our newsletter, welcome to our blog. If you’d like to be on our newsletter list, please email us. Fair warning, we’re pretty bad about updating our blog, but it isn’t from lack of desire to inform. More, it comes from a doubt that we have anythingContinue reading “Welcome to our World”
  • December in Connecticut
    At this time of the year, I always feel like I ought to come up with some special spiritual message which has not occurred to any of the billions of people who have celebrated Christmas over the last hundreds of years. Right. Expectations are a bit too high. Instead, this year we find ourselves justContinue reading “December in Connecticut”
  • Graduation
    It’s Graduation Day atRift Valley Academy! Of course, none of the kids are there—the hall that should be filled with grinning graduates and weepy parents is empty today.  Instead, we sit in our living rooms all over the world (literally) and watch with tears and some disappointment.  Not in who the kids are, but in whatContinue reading “Graduation”

About Us

Our Beliefs

” What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? ” Mark 8:36

Our desire is that all people be reconciled to God, their fellow man, and the communities that they live in. We joined AIM in 1993 to pursue just that. See AIM’s statement of faith and core values here.

What do we do?

Unit Leaders for Namibia

AIM has personnel working in Namibia with youth, children, Bible School teaching, discipleship and strengthening churches. We travel a lot of miles to encourage and support them, oversee the work and cast vision for the future.

Encouraging African Missionaries

We have such a desire for the African Church to send out their own and participate in the Great Commission. In whatever ways we can, we educate, encourage, and support African missionaries.


The PEACE Plan has come to Namibia and we are involved in promoting it and supporting it.

and, AfriGO magazine

Cami began working with AfriGO in 2019. The magazine is aimed at promoting missions in the African Church and is distributed all over the continent.