About Us

Kevin & Cami are missionaries, and Toby and Benjamin are missionary kids (see “Third Culture Kids”).  Married since 1992, we’ve lived in 5 countries and eighteen houses.  Toby and Ben moved with us to Northern Mozambique when they were 4 and almost one, and have grown up on the African continent.  God called us into ministry when we were young, and our lives have been challenging and exciting, with a lot of hard work and perseverance mixed in.    In Mozambique, the work was primarily Theological Education by Extension, and after 8 years, Kevin left behind an African-run program.  We left behind a lot of dear friends and hard experiences, and hearts that still consider Moz home in many ways.

We moved to Namibia in 2016 to serve as Unit Leaders for AIM personnel, and Toby went off to boarding school in Kenya where he found his tribe (Third Culture Kids).  Ben attended a local private school, and in 2020 Toby went off for his first year of college in the USA.  After a year of furlough, we are returning to the continent, but this time going to work at a missionary kids boarding school in Kenya for one year before we get back to Namibia, we hope.  We started our careers in Namibia with youth from 1994-1996 and it was wonderful to return to that beautiful country where we feel so at home. We  hope to be back!

What a privilege to be called to do this work –  we are grateful to the friends and family who sent us out, and to those on this side who stand with us.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Since I met Cami in a retreat, I have been praying for your safety and for your ministry… Sending positive thoughts and prayers that all that you are doing God will continue to bless and protect.


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