December in Connecticut

At this time of the year, I always feel like I ought to come up with some special spiritual message which has not occurred to any of the billions of people who have celebrated Christmas over the last hundreds of years. Right. Expectations are a bit too high. Instead, this year we find ourselves just kinda hanging on and trying to build a “new life” here in the USA, albeit a temporary one. Last month I cried “uncle” on the constant moving around and we settled in a bit early here in long-term housing. We received an incredibly warm welcome, but still there was that uneasiness over the first week as I struggled to feel comfortable in a new place. The unpacking of the clothes, settling of the bathroom drawers, buying of the groceries. The evident unhappiness of our younger son made it much more difficult as I tried to think of something for him to enjoy. He’ll start school next month and he’s not happy about that either. Really, all of life right now feels disjointed and it isn’t just us. All around us, anger is swirling at the political situation, covid is roaring forward, and we all wonder what the year ahead holds. Some are eagerly anticipating a vaccine and others sure that it spells doom. We are thankful for the care of family, whose love has not wavered for us, and even more especially for our Heavenly Father, whose presence with us is a constant, steady force. He who watches over us neither slumbers nor sleeps. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Come and be with us. We need you.

– C

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