It’s Graduation Day at
Rift Valley Academy!

Of course, none of the kids are there—the hall that should be filled with grinning graduates and weepy parents is empty today.  Instead, we sit in our living rooms all over the world (literally) and watch with tears and some disappointment.  Not in who the kids are, but in what they’ve lost.  The big senior trip they’ve been saving for as a class, the final dorm parties and long talks with friends about plans, the hugs goodbye and gifts exchanged.  Some of these friends they will never see again in this life because they live across the world.  

Maybe that sounds overly dramatic, but I promise you it is not. All that to say, please pray for these kids. They are moving on, and are doing so with admirable courage and grace. Attending RVA is a special experience which they will cherish, and we are grateful to the people who have parented and taught our son in a way that helped him see the Father more clearly.

Some of you have been praying for Toby for years, and with tears streaming down my face I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  He’s had to face things that are very hard, due to our ministry.  Some things we can’t even talk about.  He’s had malaria 9 times and was on crutches for months once because there was no doctor who could diagnose a simple ligament issue.  He’s said goodbye to friend after friend in our transient missionary community, and endured abuse or aggressive interest because of his skin color. 
He left home (Mozambique) at 14 to go to a school where he didn’t know anyone, and returned “home” at Christmas to a country (Namibia) he didn’t know. Through all this, he has persevered and become the amazing person he is today. 
As he moves on now, to go to a home country that he does not consider home, we covet your prayers for him again.  He goes forth with joy, but many an MK has stumbled in this transition.  

We know often these announcements are meant to prompt a gift for the graduate, but that’s not what this is.  God has provided wonderfully for Toby – the latest gift is an extra scholarship from his college to cover the cost of his expensive travel from Africa back to USA.  We are thankful!  But we do ask for your prayers for him especially over the next few months.  – Cami and Kevin

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