At a loss..

Often when I know it is way past time to update our blog, I just feel totally bewildered as to what to write about. When we lived in Mozambique, there was always something interesting going on, like the dog killing a spitting cobra, or someone down with malaria, or rebels on the main road shooting at our car (which we were not driving). Here in Namibia, life trundles along in a more or less predictable manner, albeit with its own challenges. Here, too, everyone we know is very tech-savvy, and we have to be more careful about what we write online. Taking photos is awkward, and much of our work involves the not-so-inspiring hours spent in front of a computer. In particular since I started working for the magazine, I have few stories to share!

Our life here is certainly different than it would be in the USA, but to us it seems totally normal these days. Last month, my sister and her kids visited, and it was fun to see our world through their eyes for a little while. We forget that granite rocks sprinkled all over the earth isn’t normal, or rocks that shine like gold aren’t typical. Our intense, baking sun is a real challenge for pale skin (whew did we get bad sunburns!) and our house windows and doors are covered with iron bars and the alarm must be set each time we go out. These are the surface differences.

At a deeper level are the political and cultural beliefs of the people all around us here. Those are much more tricky to navigate than the practical day-to-day, and sometimes it is exhausting. We continue to struggle to bring in volunteers, under a government that still believes we must be profiting financially somehow, or that we should simply hire locals (with what funds?). We continue to feel like outsiders at our church, where we are rarely greeted and never invited over. I could go on – well, I really can’t. We must be careful not to offend, as we are visitors here, and grateful to be allowed to serve. There are many here who are dear to us, and do welcome us into their hearts, and for that we are also grateful.

I suppose each blog post should have a point, but these types of musing usually just end with a “Yup, we’re here. We’re glad. Sometimes it’s hard.” – C

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