Where’ve ya been?

As many of you know…we have served in Africa for a while now…and honestly it has left marks on us, many dear and precious but not all good, there are scars and wounds. So, for two months we took the time to look at these things. We delved deep into our issues, hangups and fears…and eventually got to our dreams and wishes.

The picture below is from a place we were able to visit.  

This scene struck me. In this valley carved by glaciers long ago there were these boulders. Huge, seemingly unmovable granite stone, some 15 feet or more tall. They are called ‘erratics’ by geologists… and it struck me that they were exactly what we had been looking at and dealing with. Large, seemingly unmovable obstacles in the field of our lives. Much of life we try to avoid these ‘things’, we say we are too busy, doing too many good things…or not. Or maybe they are just too scary and intimidating to approach.

But let me tell you of another view…from the hill to the right they didn’t look so large, as i lay by myself on top of that hill, soaked up the sun and prayed, they seemed, well, significant but not impassable. They didn’t look that big.

I don’t know what you face this year. I don’t know what your life looks like, i don’t know what ‘erratics’ you may have been avoiding or trying to deny were even there, but i know one thing, from His perspective they aren’t unmovable. Let’s be clear, it may be painful, it may take some time to pray, talk to a brother or sister, to forgive, to accept forgiveness…to let go of shame…to accept love.

And that is where i want to leave you. Loved. Even with all our ‘erratics’, our hangups and failures, even with our sin and shame WE ARE LOVED. God, the almighty, amazing

So much so God freely gave His own Son, literally part of Himself to set us free.

Welcome to the family of the saved….the free….Halelujah!

May this be a wonderful, free, joyful year for you.


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