Life in Namibia

Here we are – we are finally beginning to realize what it all means, now that we have been here several months  and are settling into a routine.  It is wonderful in so many ways, but also comes with responsibilities that are new to us.

We appreciate your prayers as we evaluate, evaluate, evaluate.  Kevin has  had many, many meetings with folks here as we look at the work being done in this country (by locals and expats) and the work that ought to be done.

Organizing the office and going through old files is an ongoing job, updating technology and procedures, contacting our members and supporting them, and interfacing with the government are also all on the agenda.  The wall has a big map on it where Kevin has been marking the various ministry locations of folks we’ve talked to.  We hear rumors (and true stories) about the difficulties in obtaining work permits.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow of our daily lives.  Much of this is familiar, from our time living here, our time in South Africa, and some carry-over from Mozambique.  Much is surprisingly new!   We don’t know what the next months hold for us, though we can guess some of it.  But meanwhile it is a joy to unpack, settle in, pray for wisdom from our own kitchen table, and make new friends.  -C


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