Christmas Kitten

When we first told Ben we were moving to Namibia, he was so upset that I promised him a kitten.  Yes, one of those guilt-ridden promises that you wish you could undo.  However, Ben talked of it often so there was no way we could re-neg.  Once we arrived in Namibia, I warned him that we would have to wait awhile since we were traveling so much.  The new puppy we got in October was enough cuteness for awhile, although since she is a Great Dane she wasn’t cute for long.  We had decided we wanted a Siamese cat, since they are social and easy to train; however, I couldn’t find a breeder anywhere in Namibia (surprising since there are quite a few wealthy people in the capitol).  I looked into import from South Africa, but the cost was too high.

So, we kept rolling the idea around and finally, on Christmas Eve, a Saturday, decided we would just get him “any old kitten” and looked on the SPCA facebook page.  The SPCA is a wonderfully run organization here, in complete contrast to Mozambique where such a thing doesn’t exist at all.   We’d been looking at the site regularly, but they never had any kittens listed.  Anyway, that morning, there was a siamese male kitten on the site.  We looked at each other, wide-eyed.  Kevin and Toby leapt into the truck and raced over there and he was still there!  They brought him home and we hid him in our bedroom overnight.  We wrapped up the cardboard cat carrier and brought the kitten out as Ben’s last gift, holding our breath in anticipation of his joy.  And we were not disappointed.

We have told Ben frequently that Percy (as he is now called) is tangible evidence of God’s love for him.  He is a miracle Christmas kittie.  Perhaps a silly little story for this blog, but much happiness for one little boy who has said a lot of goodbyes this year.  – C

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